A Trapper’s Battle Hymn – Extended Epilogue

“Duncan, do you reckon he strayed this far?” Mira’s voice carried a mix of concern and determination as they trudged through the dense forest, the underbrush crunching under their feet.

“It’s likely,” Duncan replied, his gaze sweeping the area. “Young lads often track game too far, lose their bearings. This one’s no different.”

The air in the forest was thick with tension. A young hunter from town, barely sixteen, had ventured out alone and hadn’t returned. As experienced trackers, Duncan and Mira moved with purpose through the dense forest. In the three years since their tumultuous journey together, Duncan had imparted his tracking skills to Mira. She had become adept at reading the subtle signs of the wilderness, her senses now as attuned to the forest as his.

They moved methodically, scanning for signs. The silence of the forest was broken only by the distant calls of birds and the occasional snap of a branch underfoot.

Mira paused, her sharp eyes catching a glint of something unusual. “Duncan, look,” she whispered, pointing towards a broken branch hanging unusually low.

Duncan approached, examining the break. “Fresh. This could be our first real sign.”

They continued in the direction indicated by the broken branch, their senses heightened. Suddenly, a faint sound caught their attention – the murmur of voices. Duncan signaled for quiet, and they moved stealthily towards the sound.

Mira and Duncan carefully navigated through the dense thicket, each step deliberate, aware that any sign could lead them to the missing boy. The forest was a maze of shadows and sounds, each rustle and crack heightening the sense of urgency in their search.

As they emerged into a small clearing, the last thing they expected was to come face to face with familiar figures. Kohana and Chayton stood there, almost like apparitions from the past. For a moment, time seemed to stand still, the surprise of the encounter halting the pulsing rhythm of their search.

“Kohana, Chayton!” Duncan exclaimed, his usual stoic expression giving way to a rare, genuine smile. Relief and joy mingled in his voice, reflecting the unexpected happiness of the reunion.

Mira’s face lit up with delight, the tension momentarily dissolving as she rushed forward to greet them. “It’s so good to see you both!” she said, her voice brimming with warmth.

Kohana stepped forward, a serious look on her face but her eyes twinkling with the pleasure of seeing old friends. “We heard about the boy missing from town,” she said, her tone shifting back to the matter at hand. “We thought you might need some extra help in the search, especially after we found bear tracks not far from here. The lad could be easy prey.”

Duncan’s eyes narrowed at the mention of the bear, a new layer of urgency coloring his thoughts. “That complicates things,” he admitted, his gaze turning towards the dense forest, as if trying to pierce through its secrets. “Makes this search all the more critical.”

Mira, who had been scanning the ground for signs, looked up, her expression mirroring Duncan’s concern. “We need to find him before the bear does,” she said, determination lacing her words.

Chayton, usually the quieter of the two, added with a respectful nod towards Duncan, “Your skills in the forest are unmatched, but even the best can use a hand.”

Their presence, a reminder of the bond forged during past trials, rekindled a sense of hope and strength in the group. The reunion, unexpected yet fortuitous, bolstered their spirits. In that moment, the weight of their task seemed a little lighter, the vastness of the wilderness a bit less daunting.

Duncan clasped Kohana’s shoulder, a silent gesture of gratitude and camaraderie. “Your help is more than welcome,” he said, his gaze shifting back to the forest. “Let’s find this boy.”

With Kohana and Chayton joining them, the search took on a renewed vigor. The group spread out, covering more ground, their combined expertise weaving a net through the wild terrain.

The reunion had not only brought additional hands to aid in the search but had also rekindled the warmth of friendship, reminding them all that even in the harshest of circumstances, there was room for unexpected joy.

“His tracks lead this way,” Chayton added, gesturing towards a barely discernible path through the underbrush.

The group quickly coordinated their efforts, spreading out to cover more ground while maintaining sight of each other. The forest seemed to close in around them, the shadows growing longer as the day wore on.

Mira, now more attuned to the wilderness, moved with careful steps, her gaze darting between the ground and the trees. The occasional mark on a tree or a disturbed patch of earth kept them on the trail.

Suddenly, Kohana, who was a few paces ahead, stopped and signaled for the group to gather. She was crouched over a set of tracks that were distinctly different from the deer tracks they had been following.

“These are his,” she stated confidently, pointing to a set of boot prints. “And look, the stride is uneven… he might be injured.”

Their hearts racing, the group quickened their pace, following the tracks with renewed urgency. The signs of disturbance in the underbrush grew more pronounced, indicating a struggle.

Branches were broken, and the earth was upturned in places where a scuffle might have occurred.

Kohana, ever observant, pointed to a series of deeper impressions in the soft soil. “He was running here,” she said. “Something scared him enough to flee.”

Duncan crouched, studying the ground. “The bear,” he muttered, his voice tinged with worry. “It must have been close on his heels.”

Mira, her eyes scanning the horizon, felt a knot of fear tightening in her stomach. The thought of the young boy, alone and pursued by a bear, was chilling. “We have to find him before it’s too late,” she urged.

As they continued, the forest seemed to grow denser, the canopy overhead casting long shadows across their path. The air was thick with the scent of pine and earth, a natural calm that belied the danger lurking within.

Suddenly, Chayton, who had been trailing slightly behind, called out, “Over here!” He was standing at the edge of a small clearing, his eyes fixed on something on the ground.

Rushing over, the group saw what had caught his attention – a torn piece of fabric, the same color as the shirt the young hunter had been wearing. It was caught on a bramble, the edges frayed and stained.

“This was torn off in a hurry,” Duncan observed grimly. “He must have passed through here.”

The group fanned out, searching the area for any further signs. The silence of the forest was punctuated by the sound of their footsteps and the distant call of a hawk.

Minutes ticked by, each one heavy with tension. Then, from the thicket to their right, came a faint sound – a soft moan, barely audible above the rustle of leaves.

Mira, who was closest, pushed through the undergrowth and found herself face to face with the young hunter. He was lying on the ground, his back against a tree, his face pale and eyes wide with fear. His leg was twisted at an odd angle, clearly injured.

“Help me,” he whispered, his voice barely a thread.

Mira knelt beside him, her training as a nurse in the town coming to the forefront. “You’re safe now,” she assured him, her voice calm and soothing. “We’re here to help you.”

Duncan and the others quickly joined her, relief flooding their faces at finding the boy alive.

“We need to get him out of here,” Duncan said, looking around warily. “The bear might still be close.”

Working together, they fashioned a makeshift stretcher from branches and Mira’s shawl. Gently, they lifted the young hunter onto it, careful not to jostle his injured leg.

As they made their way back through the forest, the young hunter clutched Mira’s hand, his eyes filled with gratitude. Despite the danger they had faced, the group moved with a sense of unity and purpose, each step taking them closer to safety.

As they emerged into the fading light of the late afternoon, the young hunter safe in their care, they knew that this was more than just a rescue – it was a reaffirmation of their commitment to each other and to those they had vowed to protect.

After the harrowing rescue, the group made their way back to Duncan and Mira’s cottage, the young hunter safely entrusted to the local doctor’s care. The ordeal had left them all in need of a reprieve, and Duncan suggested they gather for a meal to unwind and catch up.

As they settled around the humble dining table, the warmth of the cottage embraced them. The aroma of a hearty stew filled the air, a testament to Mira’s culinary skills, honed over the years in their shared home.

Kohana and Chayton, looking more relaxed now, exchanged stories of their recent endeavors with the tribe, their words painting vivid images of life in the wilderness. Duncan listened intently, occasionally chiming in with his own experiences, his bond with the land as strong as ever.

Mira, her eyes alight with excitement, waited for a lull in the conversation before sharing her news. “I have something to tell you all,” she began, her voice tinged with pride. “The manuscript I’ve been working on, about our adventures and everything we’ve been through, has been published.”

Kohana’s eyes widened in surprise. “Published? That’s wonderful, Mira!”

Chayton nodded in agreement, a smile spreading across his face. “We always knew your story was worth telling. Can’t wait to read it.”

Duncan reached across the table, taking Mira’s hand in his. “I always believed in you and your story,” he said, his eyes reflecting his pride and love for her.

Mira beamed, her heart swelling with happiness. “It’s been quite a journey, putting our experiences into words. I wanted to capture the essence of what we’ve been through, the challenges, the fears, and, most importantly, the strength we found in each other.”

The conversation flowed easily as they reminisced about their past adventures, each memory a thread in the rich tapestry of their shared history. Laughter and light-hearted banter filled the room, a stark contrast to the tension of the day’s events.

As the evening wore on, the mood grew more reflective. Kohana spoke of the changes within the tribe and their hopes for the future. Chayton, always keen on learning, expressed his desire to explore more of the world beyond the forest.

Duncan listened, his thoughts turning to the journey he and Mira had embarked on, from strangers thrown together by fate to partners in life’s unpredictable path. He felt a deep sense of contentment, knowing that no matter what challenges lay ahead, they would face them together.

Mira, glancing around the table at the faces of those she had come to consider family, felt a profound sense of gratitude. Her story, now bound and shared with the world, was more than just words on paper. It was proof of their resilience, a narrative of overcoming adversity, and most importantly, a celebration of the unbreakable bonds they had formed.

As the night drew to a close, they each retired, hearts full and spirits lifted. The hardships of the past had forged them into more than survivors – they were adventurers, storytellers, and, above all, friends bound by the unyielding strength of the wilderness and the enduring power of human connection.


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    1. Mr. Burns this story was so interesting I couldn’t put it down. I loved the way Mira and Duncan fought together and came together relied on each other. They got through by working together. This
      is A story everyone needs to read. The bond between Mira, Duncan,and the Indians was beautiful. Thank you

  1. Great storytelling by this author
    The adventures and trials were great and captivating
    Highly recommend reading this book

  2. Good story from beginning to end of epilogue. Liked the way the two adventures came together with the same goal in mind……. 👍👌

  3. A great story about the hardships and challenges of a bygone era. Well told and captured my interest through to the end. I love how the original people and the new people learn to trust each other and work together . Thank you for another interesting story Johnnie Burns.

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