Saddle Up for Vengeance – Extended Epilogue

“Amos, wait up!” Kit called out, laughter in her voice as she watched her three-year-old son dash across the lush, green expanse of their thriving ranch. The early morning sun cast a golden hue over the land, illuminating the vibrant, healthy livestock grazing peacefully. The ranch was alive with activity, a testament to the hard work and dedication of Kit, Lee, and their devoted team.

Lee caught up with Amos, scooping him into his arms and spinning him around, eliciting peals of laughter from the boy. “Gotcha,” he said, his eyes meeting Kit’s over their son’s head, sharing a moment of pure joy.

The land around them was a vivid picture of life, with the distant sound of cattle and the rhythmic thudding of hooves against the earth. The air was filled with the scent of fresh hay and the undercurrent of wildflowers that bordered the fields. It was a hard-earned paradise, carved out of the wilderness with sweat, love, and an unbreakable bond between those who called it home.

As Lee set Amos down, the little boy tugged at his mother’s hand, leading her toward the barn to see the newborn calves. Kit’s steps were measured, her condition not slowing her down but reminding her of the precious life she carried within. She was pregnant with their second child, a fact that added a layer of warmth to the already sunlit day.

Inside the barn, the calves huddled close to their mothers, their eyes wide and curious. Amos was fascinated, his gentle fingers reaching out to touch the soft fur, his laughter echoing off the wooden walls. Kit watched, her heart swelling with love for her son and the life they had built.

Lee wrapped an arm around Kit’s shoulders, pulling her close. “Thinking about how our new addition will fit into all of this?” he asked softly, his gaze sweeping over their land and then down to Kit’s growing belly.

Kit nodded, resting her head against Lee’s shoulder. “It’s a beautiful life, Lee. I can’t help but dream about our future here, watching both our children grow, surrounded by all of this.” She gestured to the expanse of their ranch, her eyes sparkling with happiness.

Lee kissed the top of her head, his voice steady and sure. “We’ve built something incredible, Kit. Not just for us, but for them. They’ll grow up knowing the value of hard work, the importance of family, and the beauty of living close to the land.”

As they stepped out of the barn, hand in hand, with Amos skipping ahead, the ranch bustled around them. Ranch hands moved with purpose, tending to the animals and the land, a symphony of daily life that spoke of prosperity and peace.

But even in this idyllic setting, challenges loomed on the horizon. Kit and Lee were aware that their success had not gone unnoticed, and with prosperity came new obstacles.

Later that day, under the shade of an ancient oak that had witnessed generations of the ranch’s history, Kit, Lee, and Greg gathered, a makeshift table laid out with maps and documents. The serene morning had given way to the bustling energy of midday, but here, in this secluded spot, they found a moment of calm to discuss the looming challenge.

Greg, his face etched with the wisdom and resilience of years spent on the land, spread a detailed map across the table. “This here,” he pointed to a marked boundary, “is where Jenkins is planning to expand. It’s getting too close to our northern grazing lands.”

Kit and Lee exchanged a look of concern. Jenkins, a neighboring rancher, had moved into the area about a decade ago. Unlike Greg, who had always valued the sense of community among the local ranchers, Jenkins was more aggressive in his business dealings. His reputation for pushing boundaries—both figuratively and literally—had caused more than a few disputes over the years. Yet, he was not without respect for certain codes of the area, making him a complex adversary.

Lee leaned in, his brow furrowed in concern. “If he fences off this section, it’ll cut our herd off from the creek. They rely on that water during the summer months.”

Kit’s gaze moved between the map and her father. “We can’t let that happen. Not only for our sake but for the cattle’s. There has to be a way to resolve this without conflict.”

Greg nodded, his eyes reflecting a mix of apprehension and determination. “I’ve known Jenkins for years. He’s a tough negotiator, but he’s fair. Maybe it’s time for a sit-down, see if we can’t come to some agreement.”

The conversation was interrupted by Mary, who approached with a tray of lemonade and bread, her presence a comforting constant on the ranch. “You all need to keep your strength up,” she said, placing the tray on the table with a knowing smile. “Especially you, Kit. That baby needs a strong mama.”

Kit smiled gratefully, accepting a glass. “Thanks, Mary. We’re just trying to figure out the best way to deal with Jenkins.”

Mary nodded, her eyes sharp. “Well, if anyone can find a way to keep the peace and protect this place, it’s you three.”

As they sipped their lemonade, Redmond approached, his hat in his hands. “Heard about Jenkins. You know I’m with you, whatever you decide. This land’s been good to us, and I’ll stand by you to protect it.”

The affirmation of loyalty from one of their most trusted hands warmed Kit’s heart. “Thank you, Redmond. We’re considering talking to Jenkins, maybe finding a compromise.”

Lee stood, determination setting his jaw. “We’ll do more than consider. We’ll make it happen. Our ranch isn’t just land and cattle; it’s our home, and it’s worth fighting for.”

Kit nodded, inspired by the solidarity of her family and friends. “Let’s arrange that meeting with Jenkins. It’s time we all came together, not just as neighboring ranchers but as a community that depends on one another.”

The group nodded in agreement, a plan beginning to form. The issue with Jenkins was more than a territorial dispute; it was a test of their ability to unite and overcome adversity through dialogue and mutual respect.

As the meeting disbanded, Kit felt a surge of determination. The challenge they faced was daunting, but the support of their family and friends reminded her that they were not alone.

A few days later, under the sprawling canopy of the same ancient oak, Kit, Lee, and Greg awaited Jenkins’s arrival. The air was tense but hopeful, a reflection of the uncertainty and the possibility that lay ahead. When Jenkins rode up, his posture was rigid, the lines of his face set in determination. Yet, there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes, a silent acknowledgment of the unusual nature of this gathering.

“Jenkins,” Greg greeted, his voice steady and welcoming. “Appreciate you coming.”

Jenkins nodded, dismounting with a grace that spoke of years in the saddle. “Greg, Lee, Kit,” he acknowledged each in turn, his nod stiff but not unfriendly. “Heard you wanted to talk. So, here I am.”

Together, they would navigate this obstacle and emerge stronger, their bonds with each other and the land deepening in the process.

A few days later, under the sprawling canopy of the same ancient oak, Kit, Lee, and Greg awaited Jenkins’s arrival. The air was tense but hopeful, a reflection of the uncertainty and the possibility that lay ahead. When Jenkins rode up, his posture was rigid, the lines of his face set in determination. Yet, there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes, a silent acknowledgment of the unusual nature of this gathering.

“Jenkins,” Greg greeted, his voice steady and welcoming. “Appreciate you coming.”

Jenkins nodded, dismounting with a grace that spoke of years in the saddle. “Greg, Lee, Kit,” he acknowledged each in turn, his nod stiff but not unfriendly. “Heard you wanted to talk. So, here I am.”

Kit stepped forward, the mediator between the past and the present, between hard lines drawn in the sand and the possibility of a new path forward. “Thank you for coming, Jenkins. We understand your plans to expand, and we respect your right to grow your ranch. But we’re concerned about the impact on the creek access. It’s vital not just for us but for the whole ecosystem here.”

Lee joined in, his tone respectful yet firm. “We’re not here to stop your expansion. We’re here to find a way that works for all of us. A compromise that respects both our needs.”

Jenkins, who had been prepared for resistance, found himself taken aback by their approach. His expression softened slightly, the defensive set of his shoulders relaxing as he listened.

Greg, seeing the shift, pressed on. “We’ve been thinking, maybe there’s a way to support each other’s growth. What about a shared grazing agreement? Or a joint water management plan? We all depend on this land, Jenkins. Maybe it’s time we start working with it, and each other, in mind.”

The conversation that followed was a dance of negotiation, with each party tentatively stepping forward, then back, as they explored the possibilities. Jenkins, who had come expecting a fight, found himself engaged in a genuine discussion about sustainable ranching practices and community support.

As the sun began its descent over the land they all cherished, an agreement began to take shape.

Mary, who had been watching from a distance, approached with a fresh tray of coffee, her timing impeccable as always. “Sounds like you folks have been making some real progress,” she said, offering a cup to everyone, including Jenkins, who accepted with a nod of thanks.

Kit, looking around at the assembled group, felt a surge of hope. This meeting, this agreement, was more than a solution to a dispute; it was a step towards a stronger, more united community.

As Jenkins prepared to leave, his handshake with Greg, Lee, and Kit was firm, a symbol of the newfound understanding between them. “Never thought I’d see the day when we’d be sitting down like this,” he admitted, a trace of a smile breaking through. “But I’m glad we did. Looking forward to seeing how this all works out.”

Kit watched him ride off, feeling a profound sense of accomplishment. They had faced the challenge not with hostility but with open hearts and minds. It was a victory not just for their ranch, but for the entire community, a beacon of hope for what could be achieved when people come together for the common good.

The success of the meeting with Jenkins became the talk of the community, spreading like wildfire through the small town and surrounding ranches. It wasn’t just the agreement itself that stirred conversations but the manner in which it had been reached. Peacefully — a rare occurrence in the West.

In the weeks that followed, Kit and Lee, along with their family and friends, worked tirelessly to organize the first event under the new alliance: a community rodeo. It was intended not just as a celebration but as a symbol of their collective strength and unity.

The day of the rodeo arrived, bathed in the golden light of an early autumn morning. The air was filled with the sounds of laughter, music, and the excited chatter of the community coming together. Stalls lined the field, offering everything from homemade pies to handcrafted leather goods, each a testament to the talents and hard work of the local people.

Kit, now visibly pregnant but moving with an unstoppable energy, was everywhere at once — coordinating events, greeting attendees, and ensuring everything ran smoothly. Lee was by her side, offering support and sharing in the joy of the day. Greg, Mary, Redmond, and even Jenkins, who had been welcomed into the fold, contributed in their own ways, demonstrating the strength of their newfound collaboration.

As the rodeo events kicked off, children and adults alike cheered for the riders, their laughter and applause echoing against the backdrop of the open sky and rolling hills. The competition was fierce but friendly, with each participant showing the skills honed through a life lived close to the land.

As evening fell, the community gathered for a dinner under the stars, the tables groaning under the weight of a feast prepared by all. The atmosphere was electric with stories shared, friendships forged, and plans for the future discussed with optimism and excitement.

It was there, under the vast, starlit sky, that Kit and Lee found a moment of quiet reflection. Surrounded by the warmth of their family and friends, they looked out over the scene before them — their community, united and strong.

“This,” Lee said, his voice filled with emotion, “is what it’s all about. Not just surviving, but thriving together.”

Kit nodded, her eyes shining with tears of happiness. “We’ve built something incredible here, Lee. Not just for us, but for Amos, for our new baby, and for everyone in this community. This is our legacy.”

The night wore on, filled with music and dancing, with stories of the past and dreams for the future. And as Kit and Lee danced, hand in hand, their hearts full, they knew they had indeed created something lasting.

In that perfect moment under the stars, they realized the truth of their journey. It wasn’t just about the land or the cattle. It was about the people, the connections, and the shared dreams. Together, they had turned challenges into opportunities, building not just a ranch, but a home and a family — a home that would always stand open, welcoming all who sought refuge, friendship, and a place to belong.

Kit and Lee, surrounded by the laughter and joy of their community, knew they had truly found their place in the world. Together, with their family and friends, they were ready to face whatever the future held, secure in the knowledge that they would do so as one.


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  1. Great story Johnnie. Enough action and suspense to keep one turning the pages. Look forward to the next western tale.

  2. Enjoyed the book very much. KIT AND LEE GOT off to a rocky start, but through determination and stubbornness they made a good team and brought them together.

  3. Full of adventure. I really enjoyed yet another story by Johnnie Burns. I highly recommend this as an action filled adventure with a great ending. Thanks Johnnie.

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